Here I will post news about the website.

29.05.2015 - Fixed Breeds + Abilities page
I fixed the breeds and abilities.

08.11.2014 - Switched to the new Blizzard API
I fixed the website to use the new blizzard API.

03.02.2014 - Papa
Last sunday we finally got our new pet Kira :-)
Her abilities are [Sweet Smile], [Sleepless Night], and every 4 hours she has her special move [Fill Diapers].

13.09.2013 - Localized Text for items
With the updated API i've imported all the item texts for pet items.

13.09.2013 - Breeds of tamer pets set
Thanks to Simca who already did that job, all new tamer pets have the correct breeds now.
The new API gives now the names of pets and abilities localized.
As soon as it hits on taiwan and china servers the texts will be updated.

12.09.2013 - Reminder.. downtime
Just a reminder... next friday (20.09.2013) there will be a downtime on the website.
I move to a new appartment.

12.09.2013 - New pets / tamer pets
The new patch 5.4 api is live. I've added all the tamer pets so you can check for possible counter pets :-)

15.08.2013 - Downtime next month
Next months my wife and I will move to a bigger appartment. During that transition the website can be down
for 1-3 days, because the telecom company needs to install new internet, phone line etc. in the new appartment. The downtime will occur somewhere between 17.09.2013 and 01.10.2013.

29.07.2013 - Super new pet in january 2013
I have wonderful news :-) in january 2013 I will get my first real-life pet. It will be a humanoid pet.
I dont know yet if it will be a breed 3-12 or 13-22 but somewhen in the next 1-2 weeks I should get the info.
My wife and I already found a nice boy or girl name for it. We will level it to 18-22. Then they usually leave home and move in their own appartment.
Im very excited and happy :-)

11.06.2013 - Item section
I've added two new tables with information:

Items: This page shows all the BoE items that can be used to learn pets.
Cageable pets: This page shows all pets that can be caged and traded with other people.

Please note that the Auction House page will soon move to the Items section as well.

10.06.2013 - Auction House scanning
I've made the auction house scanning easier. You just click "fetch" auction and your auction house will be scanned if you are the first using it.
If the data is already scanned you get the table faster ;-)

07.06.2013 - Some news
You can now filter on the breed and personal pet table (more comming soon). I've also added a new column to personal pets: Cageable
You can now see which ones of your pets can be caged (I gather this info from pets found at the AH.. so it might be still incomplete)

02.06.2013 - Sorting of tables
I rewrote most tables so i can soon implement "filters" for each column. Sorting has been enabled with quite a few tables now. Click the colums to see the new sorting.

02.06.2013 - Missing realms fixed
I thing i found the bug why some realms werent listed anymore. Please check if your realm is now correctly displayed.

27.05.2013 - Auction house feature
Finally blizzard exports all pets from the auction houses including the breed and level.
Items (not pets) still show up but since they can have different breeds it wont show you the breeds if more than one exist.
If your auction house doesnt have any data or its outdated, click the "Queue this auction house" button to tell the website to scan yours.
Tell me what you think of the new feature :-)

22.05.2013 - The new patch 5.3 pets start showing up on the website
And as usual some pets are bugged in the armory and wont show up until the guys fix their damn api...
The following pets are screwed: Blossoming Ancient, Filthling, Living Fluid, Stunted Direhorn, Tito, Viscous Horror

06.05.2013 - Blizzard Realm List bug?
Some Realms seem to have vanished from the blizzard api...
Examples are Nordrassil and Hyjal... I've manually added those 2 to the database now.
If your Realm is missing too, drop me a line.

20.03.2013 - New Server
When you see this news, that means the website is on the new server :-)
The old server was acting up, so I want to do a complete reinstall of the old one.
The website and database runs now on a pretty fast Xeon E3 1225 V2. Enjoy.

11.03.2013 - Auction house :-)
I've updated the auction house feature a little further. You can now select an auction house and see the items listed.
Things still to do:
- Crosscheck AH with your toon to see which pets you still need
- Automatic scanning of all Auction houses (at the moment I still trigger it manually from time to time, so the data is not always "fresh") - Search functionality across all auction houses etc.
So please try out what we got so far :-) feedback is always appreceated:

08.03.2013 - New feature and happy womans day :-)
Happy womans day everyone.
Soon I can present a wicked new feature. Pet scanning for all realms on all regions.
Its quite the traffic but I hope it wont blow up my server ;-). I scan all auctionhouses for pets.
Then list you all pets available for that realm / faction. That way you can easily find your missing pets.
So far only non-caged pets will work, because the caged pets all have the same itemId and its impossible to tell which cage is which pet.
Blizzard will change that soon and then it should work for "all" pets, not just the ones that can be learned from an item.
Stay tuned for that neat feature :-)

06.03.2013 - Elite pets update
All 10 Elite pets are now added. For some reason those new pets are considered wild pets and suffer a 20% penalty on health.
Thanks to Simca for pointing that out. The health is now adjusted for the pets.hjejhzjhzul

05.03.2013 - New elite pets
I've added 9 of the 10 new elite pets already. You also can already find counter pets for them on the Counter Finder page
The Speed and Power values for the new elite pets are correct. The health of the elite pets seem to have a new formula.
Until I figure out the new formula they will display too high hp on the website.

05.03.2013 - Source Code
Accessing the Blizzard WoW Api requires me to expose the code used to access the Api from blizzard.
So here ya go: Source Code
Its written in C#

05.03.2013 - Petsearch Application Registration
A few weeks ago i've requested an application key for the warcraft api. Because
makes a LOT of api requests every day, chances were that I get throttled.
Today i've received my api keys and now all request from this website to the api are authorized which means
we can make more requests than people without a key :-D
The authorization routine is now already implemented and seems to work.

19.02.2013 - Counter finder
I've made a first test on the counter finder.
You can select a pet or a tamer pet and the counter finder lists all pets that have abilities to do strong damage vs the selected pet,
while not being able to get strong attacked by "ANY" ability of the selected pet.
And yes... it looks horrible ;-) need to format the tables a wee bit better.

08.02.2013 - The donation button in the top right corner
Last week I had an argument with my wife, who complained that I spend too much time working on the website.
I explained her that this is my hobby and im enjoying doing it. She being a russian woman, she asked me how much money I earn doing the website.
So I told her again that the website is part of my hobby and im doing it for free, and that we live nice on my salary already.
Anyway... I had to promise her to think about something how to make a few bucks out of it. Putting annoying advertisement on the website is no option for me.
i hate advertisement :-). So I came up with the idea to toss the paypal "donate" button in the upper right corner.
Feel free to donate something and maybe it'll be enough for a cinema visit with my wife.
So I can tell her "hey honey... this evening was all payed from the hard work on the website" ;-)

06.02.2013 - Abilities with slots and level-requirement
Under Pets per ability you can now see the slots in which the ability can come and the level requirements for the pet.

01.02.2013 - Server broken for a few hours
Some idiot (me) screwed the webserver. Had to restore it via backup. Thats why the website was offline for a few hours.
In case you wonder on what server this website runs. Heres some pics of it: Server1.jpgServer2.pngServer3.pngServer4.png
I've built the server myself. Has a neat little supermicro serverboard with an Intel Atom processor, 4 GB Ram, 8x 2-Terrabyte harddrives and an SSD for the server operating system. Everything is watercooled and the whole system needs only 75 watt when running (Saves me a lot of electricity). The size of the server is extremely small: 25 cm x 25 cm x 42.5 cm.

30.01.2013 - 15k
Today i've checked how many valid and unique toons got scanned already by my webpage.
15408 unique and existing toons all over the world use :-) thank you for your support.

29.01.2013 - Tamer pets download as Excel
Did you notice that download as excel link on the tamer pets page?

29.01.2013 - Breeds download as Excel
Did you notice that download as excel link on the breeds page?

26.01.2013 - Site offline at 12.02.2013 02:00 - 06:00 GMT+1
Howdy. My Internet provider will do some maintenance on my internet line at 12. February from 2 AM to 6 AM (Swiss time... thats GMT+1)
So dont be surprised if you cannot reach this website during that time :-)

24.01.2013 - View on the tables
For those that are interrested in seeing how I arranged all the tables for this website heres a screenshot:

As an example, this is the SQL-Query I use to determine all possible double-counter pets:

SELECT t3.SpeciesId,s.Name AS SpecieName,t3.Icon AS SpecieIcon, t1.Id AS AbilityId, a.Name AS AbilityName,t1.Icon AS AbilityIcon, t1.PetType AS AbilityPetType, t3.PetType AS SourcePetType, t4.StrongAgainstId AS TargetPetType FROM [Web].[Ability] t1
LEFT JOIN [Web].[AbilitiesForSpecie] t2 on t1.Id = t2.AbilityId
LEFT JOIN [Web].[Species] t3 on t2.SpeciesId = t3.SpeciesId AND t3.PlayerPet = 1
LEFT JOIN [Web].[PetType] t4 on t4.Id = t1.PetType
JOIN [Web].[PetType] t5 on t5.WeakAgainstId = t3.PetType AND t5.Id = t4.StrongAgainstId
LEFT JOIN [Web].[AbilityInfo] a on a.Id = t1.Id AND a.Locale = {0}
LEFT JOIN [Web].[SpecieInfo] s on s.SpeciesId = t3.SpeciesId AND s.Locale = {0}
WHERE t1.CanDps = 1
ORDER BY t4.StrongAgainstId, t3.SpeciesId, t1.Id

24.01.2013 - Doublecounter-Pets: Nondamage Abilities omitted
I've omitted Abilities that dont do any damage, so the list of doublecounter-pets went a little shorter.
I've also manually added the dragon-kite (which is currently bugged in Armory)

23.01.2013 - New feature: Doublecounter-Pets
Doublecounter-Pets enjoy :-)

22.01.2013 - New feature soon: Doublecounter-Pets
Im working on a nice little SQL-Query which finds all double counter-pets.
Double counters means the opponent pet does weak attacks vs your pet, while your pet does strong attacks to the opponent.
Two very popular doublecounter pets are the Emerald Proto Whelp, which is dragonkin with magic attacks. So takes less damage from flying and deals extra to flying.
Another popular one is the Kun-Lai Runt. Humanoid pet takes less damage from critters and has lots beast abilities that do extra damage to critters.
This feature will come very soon :-)

18.01.2013 - Excel export new with rarity
Rarity is now also in the excel export. Enjoy

16.01.2013 - Breed Ids and the 2-Char representation
Breed Ids have now in brackets their 2-Char representation like H/H B/B etc.
H = Health
P = Power
S = Speed
B = Balanced

15.01.2013 - Back from my holidays and some news
Excel Export has now the creature type exported as well. And im playing around with bigger fonts for better readability.

24.12.2012 - New feature and merry Xmas
Behind every pet you'll now find a symbol which directly redirects your to
That way you can gather more detailed information about a certain pet, like where to get it, which pets look similar etc.

21.12.2012 - Nope the world is not ending today
But welcome on the new address of the website :-)

14.12.2012 - Working on the redesign of BattlePets
Im still playing around to make a new design for the Battle Pet Website. Heres a sneak preview:
Tell me what you think of it :-) you can send me feedback at

29.11.2012 - Breeds in Pet List
If you hover with the mouse over the breedId in your pet list, it'll show a popup with your breed and all other available breeds.
The green selected line is your pet. Enjoy this useful feature :-)

29.11.2012 - Tamer pet abilities
If you are interrested which abilities the tamer pets use... checkout the new table under "Abilities".

29.11.2012 - New Tamers
Jeremy Feasel and Thundering Pandaren Spirit Tamer have their pets now listed correctly.
Can anyone check the other 3 pandaren spirits for me and tell me which pet has which health, power and speed.
I can then reverse engineer their breeds :-) you can mail me the info at

29.11.2012 - MSSQL Service Pack 1
Aparently the update to Service Pack 1 didnt work very well... corrpted my MSSQL instance and i needed to do a complete reinstall of the Database. Hurrah... :-/

27.11.2012 - Export to excel feature on the pet list
I've implemented a tiny feature on the pet list. You can now export the table as an excel sheet. Enjoy.

20.11.2012 - Im planning to split off the pet part from my page.
I'm planning to pimp the warcraft pet page more and today i've separated the pet tables from the database in a separate database.
I've registered today the url: So as soon as i'll revanped the pet webpage and moved it there i'll redirect to
Is anyone good at creating logos? I need a logo for :-D

20.11.2012 - Best pet for an ability-set?
Check it out, the new pet ranking amongts the ability sets. Which snake has the biggest health pool,
Which mouse/rat is the fastest? Which frog is the strongest? All answers there...

20.11.2012 - Which ability is used the most?
I know it :-) its the ability Bite with 82 pets using it. You know why i know this?
Checkout the new info-table on the abilities page.

17.11.2012 - Boooom
Dark.... electricity gone. The stupid electricity box in my flat just broke.
They now made a temporary fix so the website runs again... and im no longer sit in the dark ;-)

16.11.2012 - New fewature soon
List of all abilities. When you click on an ability you will see all the pets who use that ability :-)
Will release that feature the next few days

13.11.2012 - Abilities page finished
Finished the abilities List. Checkout the interresting data.

07.11.2012 - Icons + Abilities
I've updated the Abilities Tab, thjat you see all pets with a unique Abilityset.
Means no other pet as the same 6 abilities.

07.11.2012 - Localisation
I've got a link to a nice chinese website from where I could import all missing pet names in traditional and simplified chinese.
Also the Top 20 and Pet tamer pets are not Multilanguage, I still need to import a lot of foreign tamer and pet names.

06.11.2012 - Pet Ranking
On the breeds per pet page you have now a pet ranking, showing you the highest tanks, dps,
speedy from all possible breed combinations.

02.11.2012 - Tamer pets
All the tamer pets are now listed under the pet breeds :-) enjoy

02.11.2012 - Tamer pets
I was able to scan all of the eastern kingdoms and kalimdor pet trainers.
Now i need outlands, northrend, cataclysm and panadia tamers and you will have a nice list of all tamer pets :-)

01.11.2012 - SpeciesId 69 Snowy Owl just popped up
Guess that means the snowy owl spawns now :-) seems to have 3 different breeds

31.10.2012 - Tamer pets
Hugh from the US Battlenet Forums pointed out that the SpeciesIds above 900 could belong to the pet tamer pets.
I want to implement them too on this website, so you see which tamer uses which pets with which stats :-)
So stay tuned for a nice pet tamer pet list soon.

31.10.2012 - Pet names
So far I could collect all the pet names for German, English, Spanish, French and Russian.
Italian, Portugese, Chineese and Taiwan are still missing quite a few pet names.
Does anyone know guys from those language zones who could be scanned by the website to fill the blanks?

31.10.2012 - Multilanguage
I'm currently working on implementing the breeding list for multilanguage.